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  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at Soho Playhouse

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Soho Playhouse
15 Vandam Street New York

Toiling late into the fog-shrouded night, the brilliant Dr. Jekyll works obsessively to isolate - and eventually cure - humanity's "basest instincts." Instead, his experimentation releases a dark, savage version of himself: Edward Hyde, a villainous hedonist free to commit the sins Jekyll is too civilized to comprehend. As Hyde's increasingly evil behavior threatens to expose him, Jekyll struggles to suppress his alter ego. But when a woman catches Hyde's rapacious eye, the stage for a showdown is set ... and the line between good and evil blurs. This SoHo Playhouse production of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is bare-bones, but fully engaging. The sets are made entirely of black, stackable stairs with hidden compartments that open for embellishments. The costumes are also all black, with minimal accessories helping to highlight character changes. Don't miss this horror and humor-filled edge-of-your-seat production.

Thru - May 26, 2019

Wednesdays: 7:00pm
Thursdays: 7:00pm
Fridays: 7:00pm
Saturdays: 7:00pm
Sundays: 7:00pm